Acuster Global is the company of Grupo Acuster dedicated to the design and distribution of equipment for fusion thermoplastic pipes (PE, PP, etc.) as well as machinery for drilling and cutting of all types of pipes.

Acuster Global offers quality, technical support, customer service, the required approvals and excellent results in the use of their products. We also offer a distribution network that extends throughout the world, thanks to our partners and agents. We have service centres in order to reach all the places that require our products. We therefore have an ongoing search activity and selection of those international partners that best meet our requirements for quality and service. Thus, we continue to maintain our goal of providing the best service with the most innovative products.

electrofusion welding machine for plastic pipes


plastic pipe welding

WE manufacture and distribute PROducts UNDER THE MOST STRICT REQUIREMENTS

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Our manufacturing range covers both electrofusion and butt fusion jointing equipment. In the first case, we have basic units for electrofuse fittings up to DN 160 as well as models with high-performance technology capable to carry out non-stop electrofusion joints of largest diameter fittings. Our butt fusion machines go up to a diameter of 1200 mm, and we have the latest technology in terms of CNC machines for the control of the fusion and retrieval all the traceability data.

Special mention deserves our Twin design: the only combined unit in the world able to carry out both electrofusion and butt fusion joints.

We also have a wide range of underpressure drilling machines and special tools for pipelines, helping to the end user to achieve the highest quality work.

Since 1973 Grupo Acuster has specialized in the water and gas markets, which gives our company an extensive background in major projects and a strong presence both nationally and internationally. We have unique solutions for leading needs, maintaining a continuous development of our technology to suit the needs of our customers.